Jason Perez for Mayor

Jason Perez for Mayor
“With our Future in Mind”

Dear Friends & Family,

I feel that I have represented the citizens of our community well in the past and have been very committed to the city. When it came to voting on agenda items, I always researched all my decisions and have voted in what I thought was best for the City and its residents. As City Councilman, I had an open door policy where any citizen could contact me. This philosophy has kept me in touch with our citizens’ needs and desires. I have been able to help them address their issues to the best of my ability or help guide them to satisfactory resolution.

During my three (3) terms as Councilman, I gained valuable experience and knowledge concerning city operations, especially in the areas of public safety; budgeting; community development and leadership.

I am certainly up for the challenge, but I will need your support. This next question is very hard for me, but as you know, running for office can be costly in time and money. For this reason, I am seeking your support and donations to my campaign, so that we can purchase signs and media items to get the word out. If you would like to contribute, I will accept any amount of donation, every dollar adds up. With today’s economy, I fully understand if you cannot contribute monetarily, but if you would like to help in any other way, please let me know. By even as simply spreading my message will be greatly appreciated. I will also be asking for anyone to stand at the polls with me, wear a shirt proudly and help me gain the seat of Mayor.

My motto is and will always be “with our future in mind” and I feel that I have stuck to that and want to continue that motto for the next two years.

Thank you for your continued support and possible monetary donation.

Jason Perez
With Your Help the
Future Mayor of Angleton

I can pick up the donation (979/549-4570 cell) or you can mail to my home address, 633 South Remington, Angleton Texas, 77515.

Paid for by: Campaign Treasurer Campaign Chair: Jason A Perez, 633 Remington, Angleton, TX 77515